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Benefits of a Detached Garage

Having a garage is one of the most common “must have” for most of the home buyers these days. While having an attached garage is preferred, sometimes that is not always possible. Depending on the property there can be a reason why the builder did not design the house to have a garage.

benefits of a detached garage

Fortunately, there could be a simple solution and as long as your property will allow it, you can look at having a detached garage adjacent to your house.

In preparation for this article, we did some online research in order to discover what are some of the positive things about adding an detached garage to your home. We hope that the information that we provided help you make an informed decision.

Top 5 Benefits to Having a Detached Garage

A safe place to park your vehicle – Having a safe place to park the family vehicles is one of the biggest reasons why a homeowner want a garage. For whatever reason, their house did not come with an attached garage, the option to add a detached garage can be very appealing.

However, you will need to be sure that your property is able to support the construction on an detached garage without significantly altering the value of the property.

Adds to the value of your home – Depending on the property and a number of other factors, the addition of a detached garage can greatly enhance the value of most properties. As long as the new structure does not adversely affect the curb appeal of the home and landscaping of the property having a detached garage should only add value to a home.

Provides additional space for hobbies/work area – Along with a having a place to put one or more cars (depending on the size of each car) a detached garage can also double a place to work of crafts and hobbies. Because a detached garage does not share any walls with the house for insulation, the majority of the detached garage has some degree of insulation installed during construction.

A place for storing stuff – For many people a detached garage also makes a great place to store extra stuff that does not fit in the house. The amount of storage capacity will depend on the size of a detached garage that was built and whether or not you have multiple cars that will need to be parked inside the garage.

Extra storage can be found up in the attic of the garage depending on the style of roof that is selected for your new garage.

Transform the look of your home – If you are one of the unlucky few that your home was built without an attached garage you know that it can be a reason why your property might be listed at a lower value.

Fortunately, a detached garage can be built relatively easily and sometimes inexpensively. Depending on the style of outside of the detached garage it can really transform the overall look of your home.