How to Build a Garage

Although building a garage is not the easiest and simplest home building project you can take, it is a possible feat for any ambitious DIY enthusiast.

how to build a garage

A garage is an important part of any house where items are often stored. Garages can also serve as workshops where you can pursue some of your hobbies. This is also a place where you can keep your car and keep it protected from the weather elements. Garages definitely play important roles in any home.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of having one, below are some of the steps you can take on how to build a garage:

Check and Review Building Permits and Building Codes

Before you think of building your garage, first, you have to check with your area’s zoning office to ensure that your planned garage will follow local building requirements.

In the event that your house is part of a home owners’ association, you also have to check with them to make sure that your garage will conform to HOA regulations. This is also the time when you have to determine the type of building permits necessary to start building your new garage.

Consider the Functionality and Design of Your Garage

After you have finished taking care of all permits and legalities for building your garage, the second step is to consider the type of design and functionality you like for the garage. Do you need a garage that can accommodate two cars? How many shelves will you need?

Do you wish to have additional space storage or a home office or laundry area? How about a workbench and electrical outlets? What type of lighting fixtures do you need?

When it comes to design, you have to consider the color you want for the garage. What type of siding or finish would you like to use? What kind of garage door? Would you like your garage to compliment or match your home’s existing design? You can choose from lots of plans and designs for every garage style.

Look into Different Garage Plans

Lastly, it is time for you to get some good garage plans. Having a set of different garage plans can give you the right list of all materials you will need. This can then be used to set an accurate budget for the project.

Aside from that, if you decide later on to deviate from going DIY, you could still have hundreds of dollars by providing your chosen contractor with your desired plans instead of asking them to design one for you. You can have further savings if you use your own list of materials to serve as the contractor’s guide and avoid inevitable surcharges.

Now that you know some of the basics on how to build a garage, you can proceed with the project with better care and caution. This way, you can be sure that you will have your dream garage that can serve all the functions and purposes you expect from it.